We recognise that certain tasks can be done more efficiently by machines. Developed by data scientists from across the tech industry, we use cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) to procure energy and manage your data. We use AI to trawl market data looking for the optimum time to buy or sell energy. The technology also processes your consumption data, so our algorithms can suggest when and how to use your energy smarter.


Our innovation comes from our extensive background in the technology industry. Bringing that experience into the energy space means that we have been able to create a whole new paradigm for energy procurement. The resulting impact means eradicating old-fashioned, manual approaches and creating new ways to capture, view and analyse your energy data.


Automating as many processes as possible means human errors are minimised. Lengthy processes that normally take up to two weeks to complete can be done within an hour. The energy procurement industry is heavily manualised, with a huge reliance on a series of spreadsheets compiled by analysts – this takes time and can be expensive. Our AI uses machine learning which means that our computer programs get smarter and smarter the more times they carry out a request. This results in more insightful analysis from your data – ultimately leading to greater cost saving opportunities.


As time moves on, the most valuable commodity to an energy buyer will be data. Future-proofing your business and planning in the long term is becoming increasingly important. The more you understand your data, the more value you can add to your business.