Do you get the feeling that energy procurement is stuck in the last century? Yes, we do too. Whilst other industries have drastically changed, the energy industry has been left behind. The same time-consuming, manual processes that were in place 20 years ago are still in place today, with a clear lack of innovation in the sector.


This lack of innovation was a real sense of frustration for us, so rather than continue to complain about it, we decided to fix the problem. With a background in both global energy markets and some of the world’s biggest tech companies, we came together to form Energi Mine: An Artificial Intelligence company with a clear focus on making energy procurement smarter.


Our CEO, Omar Rahim has traded energy for some of the largest trading houses in Europe, having managed over $3billion in energy assets worldwide.
Having co-founded one of the largest brokerages in the UK, he decided that the energy industry needed a serious shake up.


Momin Hashmee, our co-founder and COO, brings a wealth of experience from tech giants such as Intel, Samsung & Microsoft to Energi Mine. Convinced that Artificial Intelligence should be the engine behind our technology, he is constantly working with leading data scientists to develop new alternatives to traditional energy procurement solutions.


At Energi Mine we bring together a deep understanding of energy with the development of cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence.
Make your data work harder with Energi Mine... Less Energy, More Power.