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Questions Updated: 04/04/2019
How many tokens will be created for the token launch and will the number of tokens be limited?

2,307,692,310 in total of which 1,500,000,001.5 for sale.

How will any Funds Raised by the Token Sale Event be spent?

62% will be spent on development.
24% will be spent on sales and marketing.
14% on administrative and legal costs.

Please see whitepaper for more details.

What can I use my Tokens for?

Because our tokens can be earned as well as bought, there are multiple sustainable user cases. A local transport authority could award commuters ETK for taking public transport or an electronics manufacturer could award ETK when consumers buy energy efficient appliances. Please see our whitepaper for full user cases of ETK.

What is EnergiMine doing now?

We already have real customers – we look after over 1,100 sites across Europe and manage over $140m of energy. We have already generated approx. $500k revenue in 2017 through our AI energy markets products.

What are EnergiTokens?

EnergiTokens (ETK) are issued by EnergiMine and we will be launching our token sale on the 17th November 2017. ETK will be earned by energy saving behaviour such as taking public transport, or buying energy efficient appliances. They could also be used to pay for your energy bills with your energy supplier and used to trade on our P2P exchange.

What is different about EnergiMine?

We have an existing business with real customers and real revenue. Our token (ETK) has real utility.

Who are the people behind EnergiMine?

You can get to know us better in the “team” section of this website. We come from some of the largest energy and tech companies in the world, such as Microsoft, Google, Nokia, Engie and Vattenfall. We have run successful startups in the past in the “Big Data” and Energy sectors, including selling to NASDAQ-listed companies.

What is EnergiMine?

Energi Mine is an AI + Blockchain company, with its main office in Manchester, UK. We trade energy on behalf of large businesses throughout Europe, currently managing over $140m of energy. We are building our blockchain solution to decentralise energy markets and create a platform that rewards energy saving behaviour.

Our ultimate goal is to create transparent global energy markets powered by artificial intelligence, making energy management more efficient and more affordable for all.

Omar Rahim
CEO, EnergiMine

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