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At EnergiMine we’re committed to making the world of energy, more open, fair and transparent. We are also clear about how we are going to make it happen.

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A revolution born out of frustration

Something needed to change, something drastic. For far too long the world of energy procurement had failed to modernise in ways other industries have. With a clear lack of innovation in the sector, the same time- consuming, manual processes that were in place some 20 years ago are still prevalent in today’s market. Like many generators and consumers of energy we believe this is unacceptable. This lack of innovation created a real sense of frustration for us, so rather than continue to complain, we made a genuine commitment to fix the problem.

A vision for the new energy age

EnergiMine challenges the status quo, disrupting and decentralising global energy markets. How we achieve this is through the utilisation of intelligent technologies, in order to devolve power to all those who generate and consume energy. Our blockchain and AI expertise informs a secure infrastructure that enables an open and organic marketplace. With a clear focus on making energy procurement smarter, improving efficiency, cost effectiveness and ultimately, mitigating the effects of climate change.

How we will deliver our goals

By utilising innovation from our extensive background in the technology industry and bringing that experience into the energy space means we create a whole new paradigm for energy procurement. Resulting in new ways to capture, view and analyse your energy data. We use cutting-edge AI to procure energy and assess market data to identify the optimum time to buy or sell energy. The technology also manages your data and processes your consumption data, so our algorithms can advise when and how to use your energy smarter.

Our innovation comes from our extensive background in the technology industry. Bringing that experience into the energy space means we have created a whole new paradigm for energy management.

Omar Rahim
CEO,, EnergiMine

Looking to shape the future of Global Energy Markets

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