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EnergiCore offer a comprehensive range of services, developed to enable customers to make informed choices about their future energy requirements.

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With the EnergiCore platform you can tailor our service offering to suit your business requirements.

  1. Energy Bill Validation: Automated software identifies discrepancies, with track and trace abilities ensuring you pay the correct amount for your energy.

  2. Reporting and Bespoke Analytics: Personalised consultancy, reporting, and easy-to-understand analytics based on AI and Market Intelligence.

  3. Tendered Services: Personally tendered supply contracts that cater directly to your needs.

Automated software identifies discrepancies, with track and trace abilities, ensuring customers pay the correct amount for their energy.

EnergiCore’s bill validation service is built upon intuitive and flexible new-generation software which collates and stores customer data. It then reconstructs and validates energy bills in order to identify discrepancies that can be challenged and ultimately either refunded or rectified, so customers never pay more than they should for their energy.


  • Conducts retro audits and audits current utility bills to makes claims on behalf of customers up to 6 years in the past.
  • Invoice management uses algorithms to scan customer bills at source to identify discrepancies before they are presented to customers.
  • Predict consumption and related energy costs based on a customer’s contract of energy purchases.
  • Supporting intelligent, critical business decisions.

A straightforward and rewarding customer journey.

EnergiCore provide personalised, simplified and interactive reports that can be used to monitor and manage energy consumption, clearly identifying consumption patterns and opportunities for saving energy and reducing cost. The reports are easy to understand, and our one-on-one consultations will ensure customers have all of the data, and the tools they need, to implement energy saving strategies into their business.


  • Carbon Reporting and Energy Audits.
  • Project Management and Strategy.
  • Manipulates data into easy-to-understand reports.
  • Personal, one-to-one consultations.

Stay ahead of the curve with cutting edge AI and market intelligence.

EnergiCore personally tender customer supply contracts to the whole market, using market intelligence to stay ahead of the curve. Based on this market intelligence, our AI technology scans the market and identifies the best time to buy and sell energy, so customers can trade energy confidently, subsequently leading to opportunities for cost reduction and revenue generation.


  • Demand Side Response highlights cost saving and revenue generating chances using AI.
  • Trading and risk management.
  • Whole Market tendering for fair and transparent representation.
  • AI calculates the best time to buy and sell energy.

Our services are overseen by experienced Risk Managers. Our advanced technology scans the market looking for the best time to buy or sell energy to ensure best execution.

Omar Rahim
CEO,, EnergiMine

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