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Glad I joined!

I have been a long time reader of the free newsletter and have always agreed with the fundamental ‘big picture’ thesis. Now that I have subscribed, I am impressed even more. The organization into themes and specific recommendations within those themes is easy to follow and makes sense. I particularly like the ‘dividend’ portfolio and appreciate those recommendations as I build my income stream.

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Brilliant insight into investment ideas…

Brilliant insight into investment ideas and trends. Really interesting too on a general level and very thought provoking. Ideal for both new or established investors. Excellent value for money.


Thanks CapexInsder Team

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I just renewed my annual subscription…

I just renewed my annual subscription because this investment newsletter has a long term, worldwide perspective, eats its own cooking (i.e., is written by a wealth management team that buys the same names for their clients and themselves), and is skeptical of the current fads and scams in finance (ESG, global warming, Modern Monetary Theory, and whatever the talking heads spew on any given day). They think outside the box, and it pays.

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