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Can I Use 401k For Real Estate Investment?

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If you are short of money and need to make a down payment urgently for your real estate property, you might be wondering if there is a cost-effective way to do this. Fortunately, there is one. You are allowed to combine the wealth-generating potential of your property with the tax benefits offered by 401k accounts.

Although you cannot directly buy a property through an employer’s 401k plan, there are still some ways to utilize the assets in your 401k account for buying property depending on your circumstances. However, it is not a recommended move since it takes a lot to collect savings for your retirement period. Once you have used them, it might take you a whole decade to make them up again.

What Is A 401k Account?

A 401k is an individual account that is sponsored by an employer for investment savings. Employees can gather funds in a 401k account via automatic payroll withholding which means that the specified amount will automatically be deducted from your paycheck and transferred to your 401k account. The funds in a standard 401k account are not subject to taxes until they are withdrawn which usually happens once the account holder retires. 

401k account funds can also be required to meet an emergency monetary need such as a down payment for real estate investment. There are multiple types of 401k plans including solo/self-employed and Roth. Each of the account types has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. Read the complete article to discover which one of them is best when it comes to buying a property.

How to Buy Property with a 401k Account?

You can use your 401k account when buying property as a funding source. Here’s a rundown of how you can utilize it for real estate investment. The plan you choose from the following options will determine the tax or penalty consequences that you may encounter. 

401k Loan

Your 401k account can help you finance buying a property. You can either borrow $50,000 of your account balance or an amount that is half your balance, whichever is less. When you take a loan from your 401k account, you are not obliged to pay income tax on the withdrawn amount.

All you have to do is to reimburse yourself along with the interest rate which is usually the prime rate + one/two percentage points. As far as the payback period is concerned, it can be a maximum of five years. However, in the case of taking a loan for a principal residence, you can take longer than five years (up to 15 years) to repay it.

401k Hardship Withdrawal

Not every plan allows borrowing from your 401k account or you might need more than $50,000 so you will need to make a withdrawal from the account. 401k hardship withdrawals cannot be reimbursed, significantly reduce your saving balance, add to your tax obligations, and impose a 10% early withdrawal penalty if you are less than 59 ½ years of age. 

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Roth 401k 

Investing in a Roth 401k plan can assist you in avoiding the tax penalty imposed by making withdrawals. This account type is funded with your post-tax income up to a specified amount. Since the account is funded with post-tax income, your withdrawals will not be subject to taxes.

Self-Directed 401k 

A self-directed 401k plan is a do-it-yourself situation where you have to manage the plan on your own and not hire a broker to do the job. Those investors who buy real estate for retirement benefits should opt for a self-directed 401k as it allows them to buy residential property, commercial property, and land while generating an income that is free of tax liabilities.

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If you are interested in using your 401k account for real estate investment, you must develop the best investment strategy and make the right decision. You should thoroughly research the property you are buying and be sure of its good condition and high value in the market.

The risk associated with real estate, like any other investment, can’t be completely eliminated. However, it can be mitigated by seeking professional help from investment specialists like Capitalist Exploits. It is our lifetime claim to provide you with game-changing investment advice and help promote your wealth generation. 

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